How to Strengthen Your Inner Warrior, Squash Self-Sabotage, Love Your Body, and Live the Life of Your Wellness Dreams!

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“I love the WSL365 - It truly is a lifestyle! Change is hard. But we can do HARD things. Mindset is Key! The WSL365 Academy Course has helped me with my mindset and I’ve learned to celebrate the wins no matter how small. Small consistent changes over and over really do add up! Thanks to WSL365 I drink more water, I get more steps in during the week, and started doing some strength workouts and began swimming once a week! I am continuing on my journey to forever wellness!“


“Warrior Strong Lifestyle 365 Academy has permanently changed my mindset, my love for life, my love for myself, and has helped me to appreciate my body and all its potential. I can do great things if only I set my mind to it. I realized that it wasn’t my lack of potential before, it was my lack of proper nutrition and my lack of having a positive mental mindset that hindered my results. I am forever grateful to Coach Mary for all of their support and guidance with my weight loss and wellness journey”


"Mary is one of the most inspiring coaches you’ll ever find, she genuinely cares about her students!"

Since starting WSl365 last year I have stopped binge eating. I have been on every fad diet ever and restricted many food groups in order to lose weight that in result would make me binge eat sweets and carbs late at night and on weekends. Since beginning to learn to live the warrior strong lifestyle I have not restricted any food allowing myself whatever I want and I no longer have a strong craving for these foods. Candy has always been my weakness and now I don’t even miss it. I now enjoy real foods like fruit and vegetables and complex carbs! WSL365 has helped me to change my mindset about food and loving my body and I am living a happier, fuller and peaceful life because of it!"


"I love the Warrior Strong Lifestyle 365 course! I purchased the WSL365 course last year since then I have become stronger and more confident and I have a whole new outlook on nutrition. Mary’s WSL365 course includes videos about how to develop a warrior strong mindset and fuel your body properly with food and move your body regularly. She discusses topics such as mindful intuitive eating, pushing through self doubt and staying in a mindset of success. This is the first time in my life that I have started to believe that I am able to live a healthy lifestyle consistently for a lifetime. You can too -WSL365 academy will help you to be your best self and finally have the courage to believe in all you have the ability to be! I’m 57 it’s never too late!"


"Coach Mary is incredible- she is extremely supportive, encouraging, inspiring and relatable! What I love most about the WSL365 Academy Course is it feels more like a treat to myself, rather than discouraging or over complicated -like other programs I’ve tried. The short video lessons are easy to follow and encourage long term lifestyle change with steady progress, rather than a quick fix. I love how easily I’ve been able to implement the practices, such as daily walks and adding in extra water and short effective workouts. Coach Mary goes above and beyond to offer support as you begin to shift into a new mindset. I love how honest and refreshing Mary is -she makes everyone feel safe to dig a little deeper, develop greater self love and ultimately to feel our best!"


"I have known Coach Mary for years, as a former one on one client of hers for fitness training and life coaching. She is very knowledgeable with regards to fitness, nutrition and total body care. She is honest with her own struggles and really has a heart for women who struggle with food addiction and body image. In WSL365 she shares her philosophy of “Peace being the goal” which has radically changed my perspective with my health and wellness journey. It helped me to realize that it’s not about fitting into a certain size, eating a certain way or body shaming myself or working my body into submission but instead -it’s about making inner peace my final goal. Mary has a wonderful way of helping women to shift their mindset from “rules” to “peace” I am grateful for her framework in the WSL365 Academy course."


"Before I started the WSL365 Academy Course I was battling depression, anxiety and in a self loathing phase of life. I really didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I didn’t believe I was worth making any time for - I was stuck because I had just been through a very traumatic experience because son had just finished an intense four year cancer battle and all of my attention was focused on caring for him and his siblings during that time. I started WSL365 last year - Mary’s coaching and her inspirational videos have helped me to finally take some time for myself and focus not only bettering myself but also being happier and more present with my family. I now have more patience then ever before because I am taking time for my own self care. I am slowly building myself back up to where I want to be health wise and the Warrior Strong Lifestyle 365 Academy course has been huge part of helping me become a better me."


"I love WSL365! It has been such a great inspiration in my life. I’ve learned so much from Mary. She is awesome! I love how she has set up this course so you can go at your own pace but she walks you through the process along the way. You can put in your headphones and listen to her words of encouragement while your doing your cardio or watching the videos as well! It really helps me when I’m walking and listening to her, the time just flys by. Coach Mary really has a heart for helping others and I am grateful for her commitment to her students! I can tell a difference in how I feel with my mindset! Thank you Mary!"


"The WSL365 Academy Course, was a life changing experience. I truly love myself now and have stopped the negative self talk for the first time in my life! I have lost 25 lbs, and completely let go of my negative self image for good! Starting to exercise consistently and making changes to my lifestyle, was a big step for me; and honestly, the learning curve was intimidating to me at first, but with the support of Coach Mary, and learning the warrior strong mindset shift, I became more confident and stuck with the program and eventually learning to embrace my body, and love myself by taking care of it daily. My biggest take away has been the realization that I am strong, capable, and deserving of this! I’m grateful to be able to physically move my body each day and nourish it with healthy food and lots of water. I have overall peace and I feel amazing and very thankful for the woman I’ve become through the WSL365 Academy! The gratitude is all mine! Thank you, Mary!"


"WSL365 Academy Course is life changing! I love having the support and positive influence of women that struggle with staying on track with positive self talk and lifestyle choices. It feels amazing not to be alone. WSL365 has video teaching by Coach Mary on mindset and overall wellness. I love how you can start at your own pace and work towards your goals. WSL365 has an easy to follow framework and Mary really cares about our well-being."